May and its vivid Emerald


If you are born in May, you have the vibrant Emerald as your birthstone. The deep green color of this stone is stunning, captivating and full of life.  If you have the Emerald as birthstone, you are a lucky one!

 The Emerald is not only beautiful but also very special! Having the Emerald as birthstone is having the chance to discover its exceptional powers.

 Did you know that numerous artists used this stone to represent natureeternal love and life?  The Emerald enhances creative mind and imagination. With this stone you will also find peacecompassion and hope.

 The Emerald is also well known to soothe spirits, spread positive energy and bring vitality to your inner self. It promotes friendshipacceptance of otherscompassion and unconditional love.

 If you’re born in May, Emerald is the stone you need to guide you into finding your inner balance and achieving peace of mind. The Emerald Serenity earrings have turned your birthstone into a beautiful piece of jewelry, which combines the protective powers of the Emerald with an elegant yet easy-going design


 So, tell me once again, aren’t you lucky, May-born girls?



Maurane from Ivy Jewelry Amsterdam