Girls, if you are born in July, your birthstone is…Onyx.


This stone was famous in the Roman society and was used as a protective stone by many warriors. Onyx is believed to help people fight against negative energy and spells.

 Onyx helps you to keep your vital force and enhances your strength. This stone is also known for giving you the determination to accomplish your dreams and to pursue happiness

 With Onyx, you will feel relaxed and confident. Onyx will also give you structure and guidance.

 With The Royal Mystery Bracelet you will feel feminine and confident. This beauty is adorned with Onyx and finished with 14-carat rose-gold plating. This handmade bracelet is the perfect touch of elegance and mystery that you deserve.


Every piece of jewelry tells a story, what is yours?


Lots of positive vibes, 

Maurane from Ivy Jewelry Amsterdam