Precious pieces of handmade jewelry, inspired by nature through gemstones and pearls, enhancing beauty from within”

Natural form meets wearable fashion – jewelry that celebrates the wearer.

 Inspired by cultures and traditions from across the globe, Helena Vreeburg imagined IVY jewelry long before she launched it. Immersed in yoga and inner balance since the age of 15, Helena’s nurtured a desire to create a jewelry brand that respected the organic forms of nature, the human body, and the stones, gems, and colors found across the world’s landscapes.

Nourished by a career working in fashion, Helena’s goal has always been to design jewelry with a balance; adornments that compliment and celebrate human diversity and all it’s wonderful, individual imperfections. IVY is that dream come to fruition. Designed to honor and enhance the wearer’s body and mood, and creations’ raw materials and natural flow. Balance – between the design and the wearer.

Meet the designer of Ivy Jewelry… Helena Vreeburg.