• Natural Stones -|- 14 Carat Gold plated -|- Size: 51 cm + 6 cm extension -|- Handmade, with great care -|- Packed in a luxury gift pouch
  • The Santorini Necklace is one of the IVY novelties, special summer jewels, to wear on holiday or while on holiday mode. The necklace is 40 cm with an 5 cm extension, adorned with a 'real' off white sea shell, found on the beach, a gold plated kauri shell and an rectangle IVY logo, with the words: Just shine darling! this is exactly what this necklace is about, shine bright and light up the room. IVY jewelry is handmade, with love!
  • The Ocean Peace Necklace maintains your inner balance. The light blue Quartz spreads waves of tranquility and helps you find your peace within. The fine lines of 14-carat gold plated chain are delightful and bring a refined touch to your outfit. Natural stone: Swiss Blue Quartz Color: Blue Plating: 14-carat gold Size: 45 cm + 6 cm extension Power: Calmness, Tranquility
  • The Moon Femininity Necklace is a symbol of love and protection. This gorgeous necklace is mounted with a rectangular- shaped moonstone that spreads love and energy and finished with silver plating. The Moon Femininity Necklace is ideal for any occasion. Natural stone: Moonstone Color: White Plating: Silver Size: 45cm + 6cm extension Power: Energy, Love and Protection
  • The Light Charm Necklace and its various stones represent the shades of a sunset. The vibrant combination of raspberry quartz, crystal and rose quartz brings light to your day. The delicate 14-carat plated chain enhances the fineness of your neck. Natural stone: Raspberry Quartz, Crystal and Rose Quartz Color: Red, white and pink. Plating: 14-carat gold Size: 45cm+ 6cm extension
  • The Inner Clarity Necklace is the symbol of honesty and trust. This necklace is mounted with two gorgeous deep blue stones and the perfect alignment of the stones sublimes the fine lines of a woman's neck. This necklace is the piece of jewelry that you need. Natural Stones -|- 14 Carat Gold plated -|- Handmade, with great care -|- Packed in a luxury gift pouch
  • Earth Charm Necklace is designed to represent connectivity. Its different colors, shapes and sizes symbolize the link between the sky, the ocean and the earth. Made of semi-precious natural stones, this jewelry brings you one step closer to nature. Natural stone: Quartz Color: Blue, White and Green Plating: 14 carat gold Length: 45 cm + 6 cm extensions Power: Healing, Balance
  • This stunning necklace is finished with a 14-carat gold plating and set with gorgeous Moonstones. The simplicity of the design makes it easy to wear and to pair up with any outfit. Natural Stones -|- 14 Carat Gold plated -|- Handmade, with great care -|- Packed in a luxury gift pouch
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